Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wisdom From The Great Sage

With her 60th birthday nearing, Barbara deeply desired to learn her life's purpose.

Since childhood, Barbara had read about a great sage, now 94 years of age, who lived in the rugged mountains of Nepal, a man people journeyed to from all over the world.

Barbara decided to go see the great sage.

She made the long flight to China, and from China flew to Nepal, where she boarded a train, then a bus, and finally a motor caravan to take her to this great sage's mountain sanctuary, an ancient palace.

Having confirmed her journey, accommodations had been made for Barbara to stay in the palace and when she arrived she was given a time to meet with the great sage three days hence.

During those three days, Barbara walked the winding pathway to the town below the palace and enjoyed shopping in the local shops and meeting some of the people. On the way back to the palace she picked wild flowers and used them to decorate her room.

On the third day, she was told the great sage would meet with her at 3 pm.

At precisely 3 pm she was escorted into into a large room with high ceilings, a room filled with natural light from crystal windows and stained glass portals.

There were colorful wall coverings, primarily in yellows, greens and reds. The chairs were beige and plush and they set on a golden yellow carpet.

As Barbara entered the room, she was instructed to remove her shoes, and was given soft ivory white socks to wear.

Then from the front of the room, a small man, with white hair, wearing a white cotton robe and white socks that matched Barbara's smiled broadly.

In the sweetest voice he said, "Come in Barbara and make yourself comfortable. You've come a very long way. Have we taken good care of you?"

"Oh yes," Barbara replied.

"How can I help you my child," asked the great sage.

"I've come to ask you a vital question," Barbara replied. "Oh great sage, what is my purpose in life?"

The great sage sat down next to Barbara and he placed her left hand into his palms, as he looked into her eyes and then smiled softly.

"My dear child," he said. "The answer to that question is one you already have. Since before you were born, that answer has lived within you, awaiting your sincere inquiry.

"Your soul, as does each soul, arrived with a karmic mission. This karmic mission is one that will help you to resolve issues from your prior lives and grant you the growth that every soul seeks."

"How can I learn my karmic mission, my purpose in being here," Barbara asked.

"In meditation," the great sage answered. "In the silence and solitude, your mind will be still, as will your body, and you will completely relax. It is in this setting your soul will eventually speak to you.

"You will learn your mission and your soul will then guide you in its attainment. This is the way and the results will bring you the fulfillment you have always been seeking.

"People here will teach you meditative techniques and you are invited to stay for the rest of the week as you learn those techniques and find peace.

"Many a person thinks he or she is too busy to meditate and seek their purpose in life and therefore that purpose remains unfulfilled. They begin again in the next life and all the lives thereafter until it is learned and that purpose is fulfilled."

With those words, the great sage gently arose, as did Barbara and he gave her a smile and a hug.

"Everything will go well" he said, "And you will be thankful you made this journey."

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