Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Moment Of Truth

In the 1970's Alicia Williams-Wilson was one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, and she was box office gold. It seemed every movie she made was a hit.

But during the 1980's, fueled by a cocaine and alcohol addiction, she was married and divorced three times and in moviemaking , she became highly unreliable in learning her lines and even in showing up.

The Hollywood studios wrote her off and her movie roles ended.

Eventually Alicia hit rock bottom as she went broke, and lived with a group of other addicts in an abandoned building in the San Fernando Valley.

One night, she overdosed.

Alicia was rushed to the hospital by paramedics who were barely able to save her life. It was then and only then that she was willing to go to rehab.

It cost her family dearly but Alicia got sober after spending three months in rehab and a year in sober living.

While in sober living Alicia learned about Buddhism, meditation and yoga as she sought a far more peaceful and loving life.

When she got out of sober living, Alicia moved to Mendocino, a quaint coastal community about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

There among the giant sequoia trees and the white sand beaches, Alicia rented a small wooden cabin. She supported herself by working in a bookstore. 

It was a simple life far removed from Hollywood stardom and Alicia found peace beyond anything she had ever known.

As the years passed, Alicia built a large following of people who came to the early morning mediations and walks she held along the beach twice a week. Some of those who attended were too young to have ever known of her movie stardom.

Alicia also loved animals and donated some of her time to work in a pet rescue center and became known for her tender treatment of animals, particularly those that had been brutalized by their former owners.

On three occasions she even coached a Pee Wee League baseball team when there weren't enough volunteers to coach all of the little children that wanted to play.

And Alicia was a devoted member of Alcholics Anonymous, attending meetings and she sponsored people in recovery.

But after an article about her was published in the local newspaper, it was picked up by the social media and shared with people all over the world.

Soon reporters and photographers converged on Mendocino, thrusting Alicia right back into the limelight. She was again becoming a celebrity and there was talk of a television show and book deals.

Now in her 70's, and living on Social Security and some small residuals from her long ago movie work, Alicia realized how much she missed the limelight and she was tempted by her ego to become a star once more.

Not sure what to do, Alicia withdrew for two days and nights, camping alongside a creek, among the sequoias and the clear blue skies, immersed in prayer and meditation.

When she returned to Mendocino she held a press conference, which was packed with reporters and photographers from across the planet and broadcast online for all to see.

"Thank you for coming," Alicia said, as the cameras flashed. "After carefully considering my options, I've decided to continue the simple, loving and peaceful life I've known.

"May each of you find so wonderful a life as I have found.

"Everyone is welcome to join my morning meditations and we will now put them online using social media. As they have always been, they are free to anyone who would like to participate."

Alicia then gently clasped her hands together, rested them on her chest, bowed her head and said, "May the spirit in me recognize the spirit in you each time we meet and may our meeting be filled with love and peace. Namaste."

With those words, Alicia smiled warmly and left the stage, never again to be in the limelight, for she knew in her heart the limelight no longer mattered.

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