Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Man Who Was Rich In Gold

Wallace was a very rich man, his wealth measured in gold so plentiful that it filled two bank vaults. This is more gold than many nations possess.

How did Wallace make so much money?

From the time he was 12, he began working, and each time he got paid, he turned almost all of it into gold and tucked it away. He spent very little on himself.

When Wallace was 25 years of age, he started what became a gigantic business, and as it became ever successful, he converted the money into gold and hoarded all but what it took to pay his expenses.

Those expenses were kept low, for he never spent more on the employees than he had to. Medical insurance and other employee benefits were non-existent.

But when Wallace reached his 65th birthday, he realized there was nobody to celebrate it with him. He had never had time to squander on family or friends.

Ordinarily, Wallace worked seven days a week, but on this special occasion, he took the day off to celebrate the occasion, but instead found himself in a botanic garden, immersed in silence.

As the time passed, tears began to roll down Wallace's cheeks as he realized he had no-one who cared for him, no-one loved him.

Suddenly, an angelic voice said softly, "It's not too late Wallace, this doesn't have to be your fate. Right now you are rich in gold, but poor in life."

"No!" Exclaimed Wallace. "I'm rich beyond measure! People should love me!"

"If so," replied the angelic voice, "Where are they? You are all alone in the world. And when you die, all of your gold will be left behind for people to plunder."

"What can I do," Wallace asked, as tears again rolled down his cheeks.

"Today," the angelic presence replied, "Start converting that gold into the only currency that really matters, one that expresses love and goodwill to all mankind.

"Raise employee salaries, give them medical and other benefits and shake their hands, pat them on their backs and offer them words of encouragement.

"Reintroduce yourself to your family. Take a sincere interest in them and become the loving and compassionate person everyone needs.

"Contribute to charity, help those less fortunate in money than you are.

"If you will do these things, you will become well known and beloved among mankind. And when that happens, so will another bit of magic.

"You will find a sweetheart, someone who will fall in love with you. For you see, no-one should have to live without the intimacy of another."

Wallace arose from the bench in which he was sitting, smiled and said, "Dear Angel, will you guide me? From this moment on, I hope to become a blessing in people's lives."

"Gladly," answered the angelic presence.

"But once we get started, you will discover that you no longer need me. Love and compassion has always lived within you as it does within all living beings. It just takes the decision to act on it."

And with that, Wallace and his Angel left the botanic garden to build a new and joyous life for him and to uplift the lives of everyone else.


Thank you to the great 19th century writer Charles Dickens, whose "A Christmas Carol" (1843) helped to inspire this piece. Print Friendly and PDF

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