Saturday, December 5, 2015

10 Year Old King Campbell

When he became King of Genovia, King Campbell was just 10 years old.

He became King when his father the King was killed in the most current war of many wars Genovia fought with the surrounding nations.

Each of these wars were supposedly fought for peace and freedom but as always were actually fought for power and gold.

However, all of this would soon change under King Campbell who aside from his youth was different in other ways.

Because he understood the joys and problems of being a child, he proclaimed the first school day of each month to be "Children's Day."

Each Children's Day became a day of celebration, one in which the children could play in school and no homework could be assigned.

In addition, they could have all the chocolate milk, chocolate cake, peanuts, pizza and popcorn and all the candy and hot dogs and ice cream they wanted.

Poor children were given new toys to play with, toys their parents could not afford on the other days, for as King Campbell proclaimed, "On Children's Day, no child is poor."

King Campbell also opened new parks, with swimming pools and clubhouses, all free of charge.

He built free nice new housing, offered free medical care, computers and college to everyone and began repairing all the roads and bridges.

"But King Campbell, how can we afford such expenses," his worried ministers asked. "We don't have the money. We'll go broke!"

"No we won't," answered the 10 year old King. "We've always had the money to do all these wonderful things, but instead, we spent it on wars and preparation for wars."

"From now on there will be no more wars."

"But how can that be," shouted the Minister of War. "Genovia will be invaded by its enemies and its people imprisoned."

"That won't happen," replied King Campbell.

"For we will welcome all of mankind as our friends, instead of scaring our citizens into thinking everyone is our enemy and that Genovia is always in danger."

"Fear and ignorance is where wars come from, and that is the path to ruin."

"My father, and his father before him, and his father before him died in wars, endless wars. No more will we kill and be killed."

The word of no more wars spread quickly throughout Genovia and then among all the surrounding nations.

Thanks to this 10 year old King, for the first time in many years, peace and prosperity ruled the land, and then the surrounding area as the citizens of other nations wanted to live as those in Genovia did.

King Campbell was asked how he got such ideas at such a young age.

"It's because I'm a kid," he answered. "I know what kids and their families want. Anyone could do what I did if only they would listen to the families of any nation."


This story was inspired by the remarkable Dr. Janusz Korczak and his story, "King Matt the First" (1923)

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