Saturday, December 19, 2015

Life's Most Valuable Lesson

"What was the most valuable lesson you learned in this life," asked the Guiding Angel, shortly after George passed away.

"I learned to forgive," George replied, "For it is impossible to love imperfect people without forgiveness, and every person is imperfect."

"I forgave and hoped to be forgiven," George continued, "Because all healing begins with forgiveness."

"And without healing, there is bitterness, and with bitterness we are miserable, and some people seek revenge."

"But once I forgave, I let go of the bitterness and found happiness again. As a happy person I could help heal the hurt between myself and others."

"Why do you suppose so many people have trouble learning the invaluable lesson of forgiveness," the Guiding Angel inquired with a smile, pleased with George's answer to the first question.

"Because their egos get in the way."

"They don't see themselves as wrong, they only judge what the other person did as wrong, and they want to teach them a lesson, often as harshly as possible."

"Even on their death beds, they carry the bitterness from long ago events, bitterness which caused them great harm, all because their egos didn't allow them to forgive."

"You learned this invaluable lesson George," remarked the Guiding Angel. "How can we teach it to others?"

"We tried The Golden Rule, 'Do unto others as you would have done unto you,' but even that didn't work."

"You reached me through inspiration and guidance," George replied, "And as I learned to look within I saw my own imperfections."

"I then learned to love people, not judge them and to love them, I had to forgive them."

"I suggest you regularly inspire people," said George, adding, "Whisper into their subconscious minds as you guide them to a higher state of consciousness."

"And if that fails," asked the Guiding Angel with a smile.

"That failure just means they haven't yet learned to listen," replied George. "I would patiently give them as much time as necessary on their current plain of existence to learn to listen."

Suddenly George was startled by applause from the Guiding Angel, and from other Guiding Angels that appeared.

"A lesson well learned George," said one of the Guiding Angles. "Because you served your human existence, you know the dilemma from a human perspective."

"Now we joyfully welcome you home George, our fellow Guiding Angel," they said in fellowship as everyone embraced him.

"I hadn't recalled being a Guiding Angel," said George, aglow in the happiness of his surprise.

"That was the intent," replied one of the Guiding Angels.

"Now you will be so much more effective in teaching mankind life's most valuable lesson, having learned it for yourself while in that plain of existence."


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