Friday, December 25, 2015

Life's Greatest Lesson

"You're facing life's greatest challenge," the Rabbi said to Max, who was laying in his hospital bed, his body aching and fear racing through his mind.

"Life's greatest challenge," the Rabbi said, "Is saying goodbye at its end."

"But I have so much to live for," replied Max to the Rabbi, in a raspy voice.

"Max, if that were true, you wouldn't be here," said the Rabbi. "This is your time."

"But don't be afraid, we all go through this. You just fear the unknown."

"Shortly you will see your Guiding Angel, as you return to Spirit, and you will be at peace, as you leave your sick and broken body behind."

"Then you will feel a profound sense of love as you reunite with your loved ones."

"No more pain, no more fear, no more hospital, no more worries."

"But how do you know this," Max asked the Rabbi.

"Because I've witnessed it so many times," answered the Rabbi.

The Rabbi then took Max's hands in his. Max's struggle soon ended as a smile came over his face and his breathing stopped.

The Rabbi set Max's hands down and said aloud, "Max, you've just learned life's greatest lesson."

Then for a moment, what had been a dreary hospital room took on a bright golden glow as the Rabbi bowed his head in grace.


Thank you to Zach and Adam Braff and their wonderful movie, "Wish I Was Here," (2014) which inspired this story.
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