Monday, December 28, 2015

The Greatest Happiness

Confined to her hospital bed and wracked with pain, Gloria knew her time was nearly over.

"No-one loved me and my life was sad," Gloria told her Guiding Angel. "Now accept for you, I'm dying alone."

"There is still something you could do to find happiness," said The Guiding Angel. "And not die alone. And you would learn the lesson we Angels want to teach you."

"What is it," Gloria asked.

"There are many sick children here and there is little joy in their lives."

"If you would read to these children, and play games with them, you would bring them joy."

Gloria happily agreed, and as she did, her pain seemed to suddenly disappear.

A 5 year old boy arrived with a Dr. Seuss book, and as Gloria read the story to him, they both laughed aloud.

Then a 7 year old girl was wheeled in and she and Gloria happily played board games together.

After that, a 4 year old girl came in with her coloring book and the two of them colored together.

Many other children joined Gloria in her room and found joy playing with her.

"This is the happiest time in my life," Gloria told her Guardian Angel. "I never realized until now how selfishly I had lived. Now I'm surrounded by love from everyone here."

"That's the lesson we wanted to teach you Gloria," answered the Guiding Angel. "That the greatest happiness comes from making others happy."

"With that happiness comes love, and with that love comes fulfillment"

"Because you are making such a wonderful difference in so many lives, it no longer is your time to go. We need you here."

"You will mysteriously recover, and be checked out of the hospital."

And we will immediately sign you up to become a volunteer in the children's ward, to keep playing with all of your new friends."

"For those who live and for those who don't, you will become a godsend."

"I finally found my purpose in life," said Gloria, her heart filled with pleasure. "And I will treasure every day I'm granted to live such a meaningful life."


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