Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You Don't Control What Others Do

"Life can be so frustrating," Tom complained to his Guardian Angel. "Many people make promises they don't live up to."

"You don't control what other people do," replied the Angel. "But whatever they do, you must release your frustrations."

"How" Tom asked.

"By being patient," the Angel answered."Just let time pass."

"If your lover promised to marry you, if someone promised to repay the money they owe you, if the deal you were promised is going to be awarded to you, all of these things will happen or not happen in a brief amount of time."

"In the meantime, with patience and a positive attitude, you can encourage these events to happen."

"Then see how it turns out."

"If need be you can find another lover who will marry you, or take action to collect the money owed you, or you can land a deal elsewhere."

"That's how life is," the Angel said with a smile.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but with patience, you will release your frustrations and enjoy life's journey so much more."

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