Friday, November 25, 2016

When The Dragons Ruled The Earth

Hundreds of millions of years ago, giant dragons ruled the earth, but are long-gone now. However, some creatures from that era still survive and prosper.

Among them are the tiny tortoises, and today, we will find out how they survived, while the giant dragons did not.

To learn the answer, I asked Thomas the Tortoise.

"Simple my boy," he replied. "Two things:"

"First, we never hurry. We move at a slow, relaxed pace, knowing that it will take time to reach any destination, but we will get there."

"And second, we keep our stress to a minimum. You've probably noticed that very little upsets us. We treat everything calmly."

"That's it," I replied. "That's all there is?"

"Yup," he answered slowly. "Humans are always in a big hurry, and they're often stressed. That's why some of our species live longer than many of you."

"If you lived smarter, you'd live longer, happier lives."

"I'm 75-years-old," Thomas continued. "And tonight I'll be with my lady friend Maxine."

"Now my boy, help me shine my shell," Thomas added with a smile. "I want to look good for her."

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