Friday, January 20, 2017

The Golden Goose's Revenge

The goose that laid the golden eggs belonged to the Oswald family.

"She's just a dumb goose," Oscar Oswald would say each day, as he lifted up the goose and took her golden eggs.

"Now you lay more golden eggs," he would holler, "Or it will be hell for you."

As the goose laid the golden eggs, Oscar and his wife bought bigger houses and more expensive cars.

Then one day, a police officer came to their door.

"Where are you getting the money to buy all these things," he asked sternly. "Are you doing something illegal?"

"No we are not doing anything illegal sir," replied Oscar nervously. "You see we have a goose that lays golden eggs," he said as he pointed to the goose.

"Look for yourself," Oscar added as he picked up the goose. But there were no golden eggs.

"The goose is magic," Oscar shouted in desperation, but all the goose would do is honk, just as other geese do.

"I'm going to take you and your wife in for questioning," the officer said with a growl. "We think you've been printing money, and that is a very serious charge."

"If you can't show us your source of income," the police officer added, "You are on your way to jail."

As the Oswalds were taken away in a police car, the golden goose said with a big smile, "At long last I'm rid of those nasty Oswalds."

"Now I'm going to enjoy this beautiful home and lay enough golden eggs to live a good life, and help other geese in need."

"From now on, it will be a blessing to be The Golden Goose."

To this day, no-one knows who made the anonymous call to the police that got the Oswalds in trouble, but dear reader, you and I have our suspicions.

With Love To All ~ Dick (and thank you to Aesop who originated the tale of the golden goose) Print Friendly and PDF

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