Friday, April 7, 2017

Johnny Two-Step

As a boy, whenever he was very happy for someone, Johnny briefly danced on one foot and then the other as an expression of his joy.

To some people, it seemed odd, but not to Johnny, who celebrated life at every opportunity, as people called him, "Johnny Two-Step."

Then one day when Johnny was 20-years-of-age, a car accident nearly killed. He was hospitalized for months and his legs were paralyzed.

"He'll never walk again," the doctors said.

But that's not what Johnny heard. He heard, "You have a challenge. Miracles happen all the time."

"It's already a miracle you survived that accident," he thought, "And might there be a second miracle for your legs?"

Each day, Johnny had intensive physical therapy, and for hours, put his all into each exercise. But his legs remained paralyzed.

"It's false hope," one doctor told another as they watched him leave the facility on his wheel chair.

But then one day, Golda, the owner of the rehab facility, and Johnny's best friend and cheerleader, celebrated her 80th birthday.

Golda was overwhelmed with happiness as her family and friends, were joined by patients and staff in joyously singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Then a miracle happened. All of a sudden Johnny rose to his feet, and as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks, he danced his Two-Step to Golda.

Everyone in the room began to cheer, and some also cried, for they all knew they were witnessing a miracle, for Johnny Two-Step was back.

With Love To,All ~ Dick

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