Friday, April 28, 2017

Killing In The Name Of Peace

Joseph, a seeker of truth, visited a top military scientist. "Why do you drop bombs on people," he asked the military scientist.

"To bring peace," replied the scientist. "The more bad guys we kill," the sooner we will have peace."

"But isn't there good and bad in everyone," asked Joseph. "Yes," replied the scientist. "That's why we have to keep killing them. We'll eventually kill all the right ones."

"Have bombs ever brought peace," asked Joseph. "Sure," answered the scientist. "But it has always been necessary to immediately bomb again because more bad people arise."

"Are children bad people," asked Joseph. "No, they're not," replied the scientist. "But bad people live among them, and we can't kill those bad people without killing others."

"Does that make you a terrorist," asked Joseph. "Of course not," answered the scientist. "The bad guys are the terrorists. We're the good guys."

"Do you see a time when the bombing will end and mankind will live in peace," asked Joseph.

"Of course I do," replied the scientist. "We're just a few more wars away from having that happen. Then there will be peace on earth."

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