Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Tiny Man Who Never Quit

"She'll never fall in love with you," everyone told Tiny Tony, as he pursued Susan the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"You're a foot shorter than she is and she is so beautiful, that she attracts men who are much handsomer and far more successful than you."

"Yes, those things are true," Tiny Tony would reply. "But I have something special no-one else will ever offer her."

When he would say such a thing, people would just laugh.

As time passed, Susan dated many handsome and successful men, but none captured her heart.

And then one day, she surprised everyone when she dated Tiny Tony, and kept dating him.

The whole town attended their wedding, and everyone was anxious to find out from Tiny Tony how he had won her heart.

"It's simple," Tony replied.

"That something special I had to offer her was a great depth of love for her for I know who she really is. I knew her that well because I cared enough to find out."

"Most men will never do that for any woman."

"But there is something more," Tiny Tony continued. "I never gave up."

"She didn't reject me, you did, thinking the relationship was impossible."

"But that's how life is for most people.  They give up on their dreams rather than making an effort to achieve them. They never know what might have been."

"Winning Susan's heart was my dream. Now I'll be the most loving and dedicated of husbands as I make her dreams come true."

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