Friday, October 26, 2018

The First House On The Moon

Tired of  mankind’s endless bickering, pollution, poverty and wars, Willis boarded one of the experimental moon flights.

With him, he brought everything necessary to survive there and to build a home.

Upon landing, he quickly built that home and lived happily and peacefully in his paradise. But soon others arrived to build homes and live there.

As their numbers grew, bickering, pollution, poverty and wars began, even as newly elected politicians promised peace, while building weapons.

Of course there were unenforceable laws against new immigrants and there were traffic jams, fast food, liquor stores, a Hollywood sign and celebrities.

“This is no longer paradise, but Hell,” said Willis. “As mankind repeats its self.”

“When there is a Mars shuttle, I’ll be on it and will build the first and hopefully only home, until mankind finally grows more introspective, wiser and compassionate.”

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