Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Price Of Freedom

Genovia was renowned for its democracy. But today, it is ruled by Emperor Hudson, a brutal and bombastic man with little compassion for others.

How did this happen? To find out I asked Professor Willis Blunderfield.

“It began simply,” said the Professor. “Genovia had a Check and Balance System with an  Executive Branch, a Congressional Branch and a Supreme Court.”

“But then one political party won the Presidency, and both houses of Congress. It then stacked the Supreme Court with loyal supporters.”

“Just like that, there was no more Check and Balance System and President Hudson became Emperor Hudson with the promise ‘to make Genovia great again,’ and given the power to do it.”

“That’s terrible,“ I replied. “How can the US avoid such a dire fate?“

“That too is simple,“ said Professor Blunderfield. “US citizens must vote and actively participate in the political process. It’s the price of freedom.”

“Otherwise someone like Emperor Hudson will seize power.because it is always easier to let one powerful man make all the decisions. For now, the choice is that of the American people.”

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