Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Donkey and The Jackass

The little brown donkey toiled all day in the hot sun as a beast of burden to his owner. But instead of praising the donkey, the owner beat him, starved him and demanded more work.

One day a neighbor saw this sorry scene and said to the owner, "I will pay you what this donkey is worth and 20% more if you will sell him to me."

"Pay me 40% more and he's yours," the owner replied. "But in no time, you will be sorry because this donkey has to be forced to do any work at all."

The neighbor paid him and took the donkey with her. That night, the donkey received a clean stable, packed with food and water.

The next day, and all the days after, the neighbor worked the donkey, but gave him food and water and shade breaks and hugs and always praise.

When the old owner saw the outstanding performance of this donkey, he said to the neighbor, "How did you get this donkey to work so hard with no whip?"

"It's simple," came the reply. "Donkey's like everyone else respond to praise, kindness and generosity. It takes a real jackass to mistreat a loving and loyal donkey as you did, and you received the poor performance you deserved."

The moral: Praise, kindness and generosity triumph over force and brutality.

With Love To All - Dick

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