Friday, November 8, 2019

The Hunter and The Snake

One day a poisonous snake slithered up to a hunter. Before the hunter could shoot him, the snake said, "Let’s hunt together, we will kill more game."

"But when we feast on our kills, won't your poison kill me," the man asked. "No," replied the snake. "Because my poison affects the brain, not the body."

"How can I trust you," asked the hunter. "You can," replied the snake, "Because I give you my word."

That day the hunter and the snake killed many an animal and feasted for days.

But on the next hunt, they were completely unsuccessful, killing no game.

In anger, suddenly the snake bit the hunter. "Now I'm going to die," said the hunter. "I trusted you because you gave me your word."

"Yes," replied the snake. "But I'm a snake and biting is what we poisonous snakes do." 

The Moral: In any relationship, don’t fool yourself, remember the true nature of the other person.

With Love To All - Dick
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