Friday, November 15, 2019

Impeaching Santa Claus

Although Santa Claus is a global phenomenon, the US, split along political party lines prepared to impeach him.

“On what grounds,” asked one political party.

“For a quid pro quo,” replied the other political party. “He offered children presents but only on the condition that they be good. And it was all to keep him as Santa.”

Soon the American people were fiercely divided as to what should happen to Santa. Not since the Civil War had the nation been so divided.

“But if we impeach him, who will replace him,” one man asked. Under Christmas law, that would be the fanatical fundamentalist elf that serves under Santa. Under him, the situation could grow worse.

As the nation began to unravel over this impeachment, finally cooler heads prevailed. To save the US, it was agreed Santa would be condemned but stay in office. Then the voters would decide who would serve as Santa going forth. It was not the best arrangement, but the only practical one.

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