Monday, April 4, 2022

My Great New Product

Americans are obsessed with weapons, but often ignore the consequences. It's legal to build an arsenal powerful enough to destroy anything in its path. 

Being an entrepreneur, I'm always seeking economic opportunity, and when it comes to weapons, it is hard to go wrong, especially if one turns a blind eye to the destruction they can cause.

Now I've created a great new product, "Pocket Drones," modeled on U.S. military drones but far smaller.

They are perfect for anyone wanting to drop water balloons or military explosives on their neighbors but thought they couldn't afford it. Now for just five easy payments of $50 each, they can belong to anyone regardless of mental stability. 

Order them now at 1-800-Nut-Case. And the first 50 people to order will receive a free flak jacket. 

So why wait? Call now and be the first in your weapons club, your gang or your underground military unit to have one.

With Love To All - Dick

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