Saturday, May 25, 2019

Killing Our Way To Peace

“We will never have peace in the world,“ Genovia’s  President Blunderfield told his nation, “until we kill all terrorists.”

“We will call it The Global War on Terror.”

After the crowd cheered, a woman asked, “But isn’t this a contradiction in terms? To go to war is to attack someone. What does that make us to him?”

“A terrorist,” she declared, as the crowd booed.

Guards quickly took her away. “Good riddance,” hollered President Blunderfield. Subversives like her risk our security and undermine our democracy.

And so it was. The Global War On Terror became a never ending war, killing Genovian troops and many other people around the world.

“Is the world any safer now,“ someone asked President Blunderfield’s successor. “Not yet,“ he replied. “But it will be when we kill all the new terrorists.”

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