Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Live Life For Today

Roy always lived modestly, but one day while shopping, he saw the most beautiful white silk shirt displayed in a store window.

This shirt was in a very expensive men’s shop, one he would not ordinarily go into but the shirt was irresistible.

It cost two day’s pay, but on impulse, he bought it and happily brought it home to wear on special occasions.

But as each special occasion arose, he would gently hold it and then hang it back up because it was too expensive to risk getting it stained.

Then one night a fire started in his neighbor’s apartment and it quickly spread to his before the firefighters could put it out.

Roy looked at his charred silk shirt, now in burned tatters, and was heartbroken. And in that moment he made a promise to himself.

Never again would he allow fear to prevent him from enjoying something special, for life is too brief to miss out on its joy.

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