Saturday, May 18, 2019

When A Fetus Becomes A US Citizen

Various US states are declaring fetuses at conception to be people and therefore that they have all the rights of other Americans.

I spoke with attorney Willis Blunderfield to understand the implications for US citizenship. “It’s very simple,” he said. “At conception, a fetus is a citizen.”

“Does that mean,“ I asked, “that a couple in the US awaiting their immigration hearing for citizenship, who conceives a child in the US while waiting is pregnant with a US citizen?

“Of course,“ replied Mr. Blunderfield.

“And given that the fetus’ life is completely dependent upon the mother,” he added, “now the mother cannot be deported. And being dependent upon the father for support, he too cannot be deported.“

“But that’s not all,“ he continued. “The fetus is now entitled to due process under the law, and to receive a name, a Social Security number and all of its benefits.“

“The fetus might even be able to run for political office and in any case, is entitled to political representation.“

“This is absurd,“ I stated. “Not really,“ replied Mr. Blunderfield. “Not long ago the US Supreme Court declared corporations to be citizens with US  political rights, and that’s not absurd, it’s the law of the land. If a corporation is a citizen, why not a fetus?”

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