Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Europe's First Floating Neighborhood

You have heard of houseboats, but in 2019, in an Amsterdam canal the first European floating neighborhood opened.

It’s called Schoonschip and was created by Marjan de Blok. There are 46 homes housing 144 residents.

I interviewed Mr. de Blok:

DK: Why did you launch this?

de Blok: To avoid property taxes. There is no ground so they can’t tax it.

DK: Is this stable?

de Blok: Of course! I am insulted that you would ask such a question.

Just then, a strong current began taking Schoonschip into the open sea.

DK: What do we do now?

deBlok: Start swimming, he shouted in a panic as we floated by Belgium.

With Love To All - Dick 

To learn more https://schoonschipamsterdam.org/en/#site_header 

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